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“The Musclechuck™ assembly makes fitting and removing cutters a pleasure with all forms of routing. You only need a batch of work involving frequent cutter changes to appreciate its benefits.”
- Ron Fox in The Woodworker Magazine

I have used and abused the Musclechuck™ for the better part of 12 months now and used them in all the routers they make one for. It is sorely missed when I have to use a router without a Musclechuck™. If one were to be lost or stolen it would promptly be replaced. I do keep extras in case one fails which has not happened in the 12 months I have tested the chuck.
- This Old Workshop
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I have been making and designing furniture for 40 years. Shapers and routers have been part of that process but their use frequently led to less than perfect results. Chatter marks and tear out from the vibration of the motors was something that I thought had to be accepted until I had the opportunity to install, tune and use the Muscelchuck. The ease of installation was only exceeded by the product that it produced. It's operation has significantly improved the use of the router in production and eliminated time consuming touch-ups. It has been a valuable addition to my shop.
Gorman Getty
Garrett/Getty Fine Woodworking

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